PE Logistics aims to provide an effective way to reduce operating costs, allowing companies to focus on their core functions of growing their business. Outsourcing logistics operations to a 3PL provider ensures accurate, well-managed inventory and supply chain solutions.

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PE Logistics provides a full range of 3PL services designed to meet each client’s individual needs. We can manage & distribute your goods from the moment they leave their original port/destination, right through to delivery to the end user.

We are equipped with a multi customer warehouse management system (WMS) & use radio frequency (RF) scanning equipment and barcode technology. This equipment is utilised for all warehouse operations providing accuracy to receiving, put-away, picking and stock take tasks.


  • Container loading/unloading
  • MPI transitional facility
  • Quarantine area
  • Import / Export control
  • International freight forwarding
  • Sea and air freight arrivals


  • RF scanned receiving/putaway/picking
  • High cube, barcode scanned warehouse
  • POS storage and distribution
  • Back order processing
  • Pallet wrapping and labelling

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  • Serial and batch tracking
  • Stock taking ability
  • Expiry date management & reporting
  • Product relabeling or repackaging
  • Transaction and stock reporting

Inventory Management

Our flexible WMS system allows us set up each client with the individual stock information they require, we can manage all your inventory management requirements including stocktakes. We also use barcode technology to scan information in & out on the pallets, leading to great accuracy & product traceability.

Advantages of 3PL

  • Warehouse space that can increase or decrease according to your needs
  • Ability to handle peak periods and seasonal needs
  • The elimination of costly infrastructure, machinery, racking and maintenance

Inventory Control

  • Serial and batch tracking management
  • Expiry, FIFO & FEFO management
  • Quarterly / 6 monthly / Yearly stock taking ability
  • RF barcode scanned picking and packing

Freight Management

PE Logistics uses a range of industry proven transport providers, and staff use their transport knowledge to review each consignment to ensure customers’ orders goes with the best fit transport provider based on delivery times, product type, service, and price. We can efficiently manage your entire transport operation and manage the costing and deliveries associated with this service. We deal with the freight companies directly so you don’t have to worry, giving you piece of mind.

Freight Control

  • Creation of consignment notes, pallet / carton labels, & manifests
  • Same day deliveries in the Wellington area
  • Track & trace services
  • Signed proof of deliveries
  • Best cost freight solutions

Improved Productivity

High cube barcode technology warehouses means storage costs are minimised. Clients only pay for the space they use, and your business can grow without the worry of outgrowing your current space.

Products are stored based on turnover meaning high volume stock is stored in easily accessible areas. Our fully trained logistics team will ensure your orders and stock is managed in a fast & efficiently manner.

Wireless Technology

PE Logistics top of the range Warehouse Management Software (WMS), & state of the art Radio Frequency (RF) scanners.

This is utilised for all warehouse operations including receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment and inventory management.

Industry Expertise

We have over 25 years of logistics and distribution experience in the Wellington region, we have an outstanding reputation as a company you can trust to manage your stock and distribution requirements.

PE Logistics has developed strong relationships with the local ports, container transport, national freight providers, shipping, & customs agents.

Customer Focussed

PE logistics aims to provide instant client information as if you were dealing with your own companies’ warehouse team.

Each client is assigned with its own dedicated customer service representative, but our whole team is always on hand to answer any questions, queries or track freight if necessary.

Site Facilities

  • MPI approved facilities
  • 24 hour camera surveillance
  • 24 hour monitored alarms and security
  • Racked storage systems
  • Pest management program
PE Logistics

Security and Safety

PE Logistics prides itself on product security; we have 24/7 monitored alarms & security patrol, camera surveillance, & a pest management program.

We also have safe systems of work to ensure your products are stored and handled safely and without damage.

Advantages of 3PL

  • Costs saving by not having to invest in expensive warehouse management software and scanners
  • Concentrate on what you do best knowing your warehouse & logistics needs are in good hands

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